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Best Kept Secrets
best kept secrets

Sometimes money is not enough, love dies too soon, and secrets can be deadly.
Cass, Fran and Angela share one of the city’s best addresses but behind the careful make-up and social smiles each is facing the crisis of her life. 

Cass once had it all – spectacular home, great kids, caring friends and a happy marriage to a successful man who adores her.  Or so she thought.

Fran has worked hard to become a top flight lawyer and has the trappings to prove it – not that her Italian parents are impressed by their still single daughter.  Though she would never admit it, Fran longs for a husband and family. When passion ignites with a new client, she is overjoyed until the terrible moment when she discovers that self-deception can exact an impossible price.

Angela is a sharp, smart-tongued media anchor, a vision of the successful single career woman. But there are threats waiting in the wings… younger rivals and dangerous strangers. Fearless and independent, she is prepared for anything – except the shock of a crisis too enormous to handle alone.

Alma: Of all the books I have read, none have made me so impatient to get back to than yours. I hope to enjoy many more in the future.  


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